Auto Clave ST-50G

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  • Microprocessor controller and temperature calibration function allows for high precision temperature control.
    - Sterilization temperature at 110 to 123°C
    - Melting* temperature at 60 to 100°C
    * Liquefaction of coagulated agar media.
  • Automatic sterilization system for unattended operation.
    - Heating > Check safe > Sterilization > Sterilization safe > Exhausting > End
  • Convenient operation modes for various uses.
    - Standard modes and program modes are listed in detail as below tables.
  • Temperature calibration function.
  • Convenience

    • Conveniently monitored by an independent control display, sterilization process display, and pressure gauge.
      - VFD for visualization of temp, pressure (optional), timer, warning alert checks.
      - LED lamps for sterilization process check.
      - Easy pressure check with the standard gauge attached to the front.
    • Vertical type autoclaves which allow for top loading are suitable for high volume sterilization.
      - Baskets are stackable two high or even more levels, which secure inside the chamber space requirements.
    • Low-maintenance
      - The chamber is constructed of stainless steel which is superiorly resistant to corrosion.
      - Easy to replace silicone gasket.
    • Convenient documentation with the optional data recorder.
      - Dot type recorder(6 point) allows for precise documentation.


    • Mechanical safety devices
      - Over current protection.
      - Over temperature protection by automatic power cutoff.
      - Over pressure protection by automatic and manual safety valve.
    • Safety warning systems
      - Over temperature warning.
      - Low temperature warning.
      - Low water level warning.
      - Low heat warning if the temperature does not reach the sterilization or melting temperature.
      - Sterilization fail warning if the operation is unexpectedly stopped during sterilization process.
    • Slide opening door with plastic cover of low thermal conductivity prevents burns from the contact.