Water Bath BW-05B

Rp11.000.000 Rp0 -0%

Auto Clave ST-50G

Rp88.600.000 Rp0 -0%

Microscope Compound Binocular B-292

Rp15.300.000 Rp15.300.000 -0%

Incubator IB

Rp25.500.000 Rp25.500.000 -0%

Incubator Shaker IST-3075

Rp83.000.000 Rp0 -0%

Double Water Bath BW 0510H

Rp21.625.000 Rp0 -0%

Magnetic Stirrer Multi Position MS-32M

Rp16.688.000 Rp0 -0%

Water Bath Shaker BS-06

Rp42.850.000 Rp0 -0%

Circulator Bath CW3-10

Rp23.000.000 Rp0 -0%
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