PCR Cabinet UV Sterilizing

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Brand: UVP
Model: PCR Cabinet
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Specification :
Exterior Dimensions: 28,7H x 21.4W x 24D in. (729 x 544 x 610 mm)
Light Sources: 254nm 8-watt UV: Chamber
White  light: Chamber
Features include:
Two power outlets
Two small shelves
UV Timer ≤ 30 menit
Antimicrobial coated stainless steel
Acrylic panels block below 400nm
Main Future :
*) Control potential PCR contamination with the built-in UV for inactivation
      of DNA between experiments
*) The 254nm shortwave UV source positioned as overhead UV;
*) UV is controlled with a key switch and 30-minute timer to decontaminate
     apparatus and chamber with the shortwave UV
*) The shortwave ultraviolet irradiation can be used as a standard laboratory 
      practice to reduce surface and airborne  contaminants in the chamber
*) A safety shut-off switch automatically turns the ultraviolet light off 
    when the door is open
*) Antimicrobial coated stainless steel reduces bacterial growth
*) The workstation is designed for placement of large instruments on the work
     area or tubes, flasks and pipettes on  the two removable shelves
*) The built-in power outlets allow operation of equipment for use in 
    PCR applications