Nitrogen Evaporator V-200

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Model: Nitrogen Evaporator V-200
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Specification :
* LED display, 12 positions
* Compact size takes minimal hood space
* Water bath provides gentle heat
* Circular stand turns so each sample is accessible from the front
* Accommodates samples in test tubes 10 to 29mm diameter, Volumes from 1 ml
   to 50 ml
* A gas flow meter with valve, controls and indicates gas consumption
* A needle valve adjusts gas flow at each position
* Stainless steel 150mm- gauge needles standard
* All metal parts are made of stainless steel, nickel chromed brass or anodized
* Plastic parts are laboratory grade and will withstand contact with common organic
* Temperature setting range: Ambient temperature ~ 99 Deg C
* Temperature control accuracy: ±1 Deg C