Heating and Cooling Block CCB-350

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Model: Heating and Cooling Block
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*) Precision accuracy of ±0.1°C is ensured by its PID controller.
*) Wide temperature control range from
    Amb. -20 to 95°C with rapid cool down and heat-up times.
*) Temp. Fluctuation : 0,06oC at 37 oC
*) Simple temperature calibration.
*) Memory function of programmed protocols allowing
     relevant parameters of each protocol step to be stored.
- Up to 10 protocols allowed for memory storage.
- Up to 10 steps allowed for each protocol.
*) Two types of timer modes:
- Timer 1 starts immediately after the timer setting.
- Timer 2 starts only after reaching the set temp.
*) Bright VFD display with responsive touch buttons.
*) Blocks can be easily interchanged by the included block lifter.
*) Dimensi Internal (WxDxH), mm : 99 x 77.5 x 36
*) Dimensi External (WxDxH), mm : 249×325×168
*) Include Block 1,5 ml x 30