Gel Documentation Touch Screen Biodoc IT 220

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Brand: UVP
Model: Gel Documentation Touch Screen
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Spesifikasi :
*) Camera: FluorCam 220 Camera
Type:  Monochrome
CCD Bit Depth:  12 bit
File Bit Depth:  16 bit
Grayscale Range:  0 - 65,535
Resolution: 1.3 megapixels
Pixel Resolution:  1280 x 1024
Lens:  8 - 48mm zoom
*) Darkroom:
Side access doors (BioDoc-It 220 models only)
8” inch LCD color touch screen
USB drive and USB stick (1 GB stick included)
Wide access door with UV safety shutoff
Gel viewing window
Overhead white light
Optional side access ports
Integrated software
Network connectivity
*) Emission Filters
Ethidium Bromide EtBr Red 570-640nm
*) Transilluminators select from:
FirstLight UV Illuminator: select from three filter sizes
Benchtop UV Transilluminator: select from single UV, 2UV and 3UV 
models in three filter sizes.
External with camera:32.3"H x 14.2"W x 12.9"D (821 x 361 x 328mm)