Gel Documentation Digidoc with TFM-20V

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Brand: UVP
Model: Gel Documentation
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Specification :
*) Camera: 
       DigiCam 120 Camera, 15.1 megapixel resolution, Digital color imaging, 
       Interface: USB connector, Power supply: DC power
*) Darkroom: 
    Lightweight plastic, Access door, Gel viewer, Cap protects camera
    from exposure to environmental element
*) Emission Filters : EtBr Red 570-640nm
*) Software: 
    Camera controls, Image capture, Image enhancement,
    Software loads on your computer - Compatible with Microsoft Windows 7,
   Vista and XP SP 2 or later (32-bit or 64-bit)
*) Transilluminators:  TFM-20 High Performance UV Transilluminator
    (20x20cm Filter, 302nm UV)
*) Hood Dimensions:
    Outer: 17.75W x 12D inches Inside: 16.5W x 10.75D inches