Elisa Reader 4302

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Model: Elisa Reader
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Spesifikasi :
Measurement Range : -0.20 to 4.0 absorbance units
Photometric Accuracy : +/- (1% +/-0.010) 0.0 through 1.5 ABS
    +/- (2% +/-0.010) 1.5 through 3.0 ABS
Stability : Drift of no more than 0.005A in 8 hours
Warm up : 45 seconds
Light Source : Halogen, lamp saver feature
Wavelengths : Standard four filter: 405, 450, 492, and 630nm
Filter Type : IAD hardcoat, 10nm half bandpass
Vessel : Standard 96 well microtiter plates or strip trays 
Power Requirements : 100 - 240VAC, 50-60Hz 90W maximum.
PC Connection : USB Port
Microprocessor : eZ80
Speed : Reads ABS of 96 wells in approximately 12 seconds
Plate Transport : Stepper motor
Certifications : NRTL listed, CE mar
PC interface with MaxSignal® Manager software – included (PC included)
Features: PC interface software (included) with complete user prompting, 
error messages, full plate reporting, automatic interpretation options, 
duplicate options, controls locator, curve plotting and editing
Format: CD-ROM and internet upgrades
Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, or XP
Minimum System: Microsoft Windows XP, 256 MB RAM, USB port
Secondary menu options: Create/edit protocols, import/export data, LIS
Calculation modes: Single point calibration, point-to-point curve fit, 
polynomial regression, linear and sigmoidal regression (log and linear),
cutoff absorbance, multi-point % absorbance
Additional Features: User-programmable open system, selectable plate
 formatting, reporting
QC options: Store control data, print Levey-Jennings or QC range plots, calculate SDs
USB port: USB cable provided